A New Year
The new year
starts off with a blast,
when winter was looking
like a thing of the past.

The snow is falling now
as pretty as can be,
sparkling with light
twinkling at you and me.

Everything is forgotten
to watch the snow fall,
but one never forgets,
how to throw a snowball.

The children are playing,
laughing, aloud,
it's merriment
to hear their happy sound.

Making snow angels
they lay on their back's,
trying to get up
leaving no tracks.

The snow is melting
giving way,
to the next season
a warmer day.

The children are again
laughing out loud,
It's mesmerizing
to hear their happy sound.

Winter, spring
summer or fall,
a child's laughter
is truly the best of all.

Lorraine Nisbet
When the bold branches
Bid farewell to rainbow leaves -
Welcome wool sweaters.
~B. Cybrill
How January Got Its Name
Ruler of new beginnings, gates and doors, the first hour of the day, the first day of the month, and the first month of the year, the Roman god Janus gave January its name. He was pictured as two-headed (both heads bearded) and situated so that one head looked forward into the new year while the other took a retrospective view. Janus also presided over the temple of peace, where the doors were opened only during wartime. It was a place of safety, where new beginnings and new resolutions could be forged, just as the New Year is a time for new objectives and renewed commitments to long-term goals.
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