Helpful scents for meditation
Scent has been used by humankind since the beginning of time for a variety of reasons. Because scent alters our perceptions (sometimes in radical ways), it has had an air of mystery and magic surrounding it. Indeed, the plants themselves have a vibration all their own, and the scented liquids we distill from them, called essential oils, also have particular vibrations. These vibrations can alter our moods and feelings.

In addition, since scent is a doorway into the depths of our minds, it is also helpful in altering our perceptions and gaining access to other realms. The ancients had knowledge of this, and were careful to use particular scents for their incenses used during religious ceremonies and other rituals.

Today, we can use particular scents to help deepen our meditation
experiences, to help expand our psychic awareness, and to encourage astral dreams. Use the scents in the following ways:

Light a candle and place two to three drops in the melted wax (careful,
don't touch the burning wick - essential oils are flammable). Put one to three drops on a cotton ball - inhale one minute at a time or place the cotton ball in your pillowcase.

You can also place drops in a lamp ring diffuser or room diffuser so the
scented air can fill the bedroom. Here are a list of essential oils and
what they can help you accomplish.


Frankincense: Frankincense has a long religious history because of its
ability to help one access the spiritual realms. It awakens higher
consciousness and is good for meditation. It has a spicy, woody scent.

Myrrh: To help deepen the meditation experience, inhale this rich, slightly bitter scent. It helps you to become aware that this reality isn't the only one.

Sandalwood: Slow, yet powerful, Sandalwood has been said to be in charge of opening the highest and lowest chakras, so is helpful for unleashing the kundalini energies while keeping one grounded. It helps guide one toward enlightenment.

Enhancing Psychic Awareness

Bay: Bay purifies negativity, releasing you to your psychic self. It is
also the scent used by the Delphic Oracle in Greece.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon arouses the physical senses beyond the normal limits. It helps increase psychic abilities and increases vibratory qualities.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass awakens the psychic mind, and is very opening. It helps concentration and purifies.

Yarrow: Yarrow opens to cosmic energies, is balancing, and also good for strengthening intuitive abilities.

Exploring The Astral Through Dreams

Clary Sage: This scent is centering for the soul. It is very relaxing and
can be narcotic. Clary sage helps one access the creative element within, and is famous for inducing exciting and very interesting dreams. Inhale for a short period before sleep, while using affirmations to induce lucid dreams.

Hops: Hops is a tranquilizer that has been used often as an ingredient in sleep pillows. It is very relaxing. It can also free the soul during

Jasmine: Calming and relaxing, jasmine also lifts the spirits. Psychic
dreams result from inhalation, although the essential oil is expensive.
Wishing You Good Luck

~~~sourse unknown
Whether we meditate individually or collectively, there is one thing we absolutely must do: we have to meditate consciously. Making an unconscious effort is like forcing oneself to play football in spite of one's utmost unwillingness. One plays, but gets no joy. Conscious effort is like playing football most willingly. One gets real joy. Similarly, conscious meditation gives us inner Delight from the soul.
~ Sri Chinmoy
The quality of dreams depends, at least in part, on the stage of sleep in which the dreams occur. Dreams during REM tend to be more bizarre and detailed and have story line. Dreams in stages 1 and 2 of sleep are simpler and shorter. Deep-sleep dreams tend to be diffused and may be about nothing more than a color or emotion.
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